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Coconut Color Shampoo 3pcs+ Coco oil 2pcs


Fast Hair Dye Black in 5 Minutes


The newest formula of pure coconut oil essence brings back a completely new different experience for hair. Natural coconut oil essence, Collagen, and ginkgo Biloba essence help to strengthen the hair fibers from inside to out. After washing the hair will be more shiny, soft and smooth, good for preventing losing hair and repair the hair from the root. The special formula easily dyes white, gray and yellow color hair,ammonia-free, no Pungent odor, no harmful hair, no plumbum, non-stick skin, and cloth. Full pigment factor covers the white hair perfectly, brink back a full natural black hair.


New coloring black hair, you won’t use any coloring chemicals which contain ammonia that can harm your hair.
It’s easy to use and gives you natural color, not like other coloring matter which gives you a dark unnatural color.
It contains natural herbals and olive oil which protect hair scalp from allergy.


*Coconut Oil essence
*Ganoderma Lucidum Extract
*Ayurvedic Herbs, etc.



1. Wet your hair and wipe off the water on the hair.(Dry hair is also suitable)
2. Wear plastic gloves (provided inside) before opening the Black Hair shampoo sachet.
3. Use the entire Black Hair Shampoo sachet and apply on hair.
4.Massage hair well for 5 minutes until the shampoo is evenly spread out on the scalp.
5. Rinse well with water.

Tips: Use it once a week for 3 weeks for the early phase, then twice every 2 weeks, once every month later to achieve a better effect.


1.Convenient: Easy in operation, just like using normal shampoo
2.Time saving:Make your hair black and shining hair in 5 minutes
3.Cost saving:Compared to the expensive cost for dyeing hair in the hair salon,
4. Long lasting:Ginger black hair shampoo lasts long for 6 months.