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Protein Hair Ampoule Keratin Hair treatment


Perfect Hair Fill-Up 13ml Protein Hair Ampoule

Keratin Hair treatment best hair care products Korea Cosmetics

1. Delivers an essential protein content to your hair for more elasticity.
2. Supplies essential contents for your hair.
3. Keep your hair moist.
4. Supplies nourishments for your hair.
5. Balancing nutrition and moisture for fresh and strong hair.
6. Mix with any perm, dye product to prevent hair damage.


How to use
1. Mix with cold water in 1:1 ratio.
2. Stir the mixture well until it turned to cream form.
3. Apply evenly on your hair.
4. Apply vinyl cap. (or Heat treatment with vinyl cap.)
5. Wash it of only with water.
6. Do not use a shampoo.
7. Finish your styling.