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Ginger Hair Care Essential Oil- 2 Pcs


Ginger Hair Care Oil Hair Essential Oil- 2 Pcs- 10ml


Ginger Hair Care Essential Oil can effectively restore the vitality of hair, prevent hair loss, provide nutrition to the hair root, repair damaged hair
Natural ingredients and will give you the results that you so much yearn for  hair growth for all types of hair. For women and men.
This is a natural hair treatment.
Active hair follicle(Unchoke pores): The product can effectively, clean scalp surface and hair follicle grease and rapidly decompose grease and discharge it.In addition,it can primarily activate hair follicles and unchoke pores.  
*Consolidate hair(Repair hair follicle ducts):It can completely clean follicle pores and rapidly repair hair follicle ducts and further repair and safeguard the conditions inside hair follicles to nourish, consolidate hair and strengthen hair roots.
Increase hair(Regenerate black hair): With multiple herbal essences, the product can effectively activate inactive hair papilla and provide necessary nutrition and metabolism energy for hair metrocytes to generate new ones and new black hair.
Thicken hair(Black beautiful hair): With sufficient nutrition, the hair papillas have vigorous vitality and they can generate more and more new hair metrocytes and accelerate metabolism velocity. As a result, more black and bright hair can be produced. After a certain period, you can have.