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New Arrival- Hair Growth -Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush



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SCALP ( 1pc )


Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush for Natural Hair Care & Growth - Soft Silicone Bristles Scrubber For Men, Women - Massage Head In Shower For Stress To Relax - All Hair Types, Straight, Wavy, Curly

  • SILICONE BRISTLES: Our scalp massager brush is made of soft, silicone bristles to be safe to use on toddlers & pets, while it's durable enough to last you a long time. Thick bristles enhance circulation to the scalp to provide a deep clean & exfoliating.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: We've designed our detangler master with an ergonomically-efficient handle that perfectly fits in your hand to give you maximum control. The excellent grip that fits comfortably between your fingers. Comfortable massage for stress.
  • STIMULATE HAIR GROWTH: By stimulating the circulation in your scalp, you're relaxing the hair follicles and providing the best way to distress in the shower. Relax scalp muscles with a wonderful sensation of cleanliness using less shampoo & conditioner.
  • COMBAT DANDRUFF WITH HAIR OILS: Get a deep scalp cleaning (without the use of your nails to avoid dirt) that removes hardened excess sebum oils, dirt, and dandruff flakes without irritating your skin. Scrub with oils to penetrate deep & prevent dandruff.
  • TRAVEL-SIZE: Take your new scalp scrubber wherever you may go. The scrub is lightweight and is able to be stored easily for future use. Perfect for thick to thin, short, or long, wet or dry hair. Fits in any travel bag or suitcase for your next vacation.

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