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Handcrafted Shampoo Bar 2pcs Combo



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SHBAR ( 2pcs )


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This organic, vegan, handcrafted, cold-process shampoo bar formula is specially designed for hair to purify dirt and buildup restoring natural balance. Mild surfactant complexes featured in plant-derived compounds cleanse gentle, yet thoroughly without stripping out moisture. The essence of natural ingredients penetrates cellular level create a membrane that retains moisture and softens the scalp and hair. Potent natural antiseptic properties prevent scalp infections, irritations and itching while promoting scalp health. The soap-free bar strengthens and supports the re-growth of hair as well.   

Hair & Scalp Benefits

  • Gentle yet effective cleansing
  • Hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • Promotes healthy scalps 

Herbishh Shampoo Bar offers seven different fragrances scented with organic essential oils:  

Ginger, Polygonum, Lavender, Seaweed, Jasmine, Cinnamon, and Mint. 

Hair & Scalp Type- All Types of Hair & Scalp

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