Organic Black Hair Care


Treatment days: 30days  

One period's treatment Volume: 300ml (3 bottles cure white hair spray)


Product introduction:

This product is made with lucid Ganoderma, ginseng and radices polygon multiflora of varieties of black rare Chinese herbal medicines by using modern high-tech biological extraction technology. This kind of black hair product is developed carefully to anti-white hair.



Suitable person: Juvenile white hair,, Hereditary white hair, Middle-aged white hair


How it works:

1. The solution starts by cleansing the pores in your scalp,improving scalp environment

2. It provides hydration deep within the hair follicle.

3. It enhances the absorptive capacity of the hair follicles and roots.

4. It provides the essential nutrients to regain the function of the hair follicle.

5. It increases melanin production


Main ingredient:

lucid ganoderma, ginseng, radices polygoni multiflori, angelica, gastrodituber, ginger, kuh-seng, alcohol, water.


How to use:

1. Apply 3-5ml on scalp in each application (spray 7-8 times) , Twice each day.

massage for 1 minute to help to absorb

One period of treatment is 30 days, and the evident effect can be seen in 1-3 periods.

If have not free time on the day, it can be used twice at night. Twice an interval of more than 10 minutes.