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Portable Female Facial Epilator

This  facial epilator is not only extremely easy to use, but it’s also  completely painless!

It's also the   most effective   at trimming hair to the grain, providing hair-free skin within seconds!

This device is USB support USB charging.

Ready to get rid of unwanted facial hair?

Our facial hair remover allows you to get smooth results without experiencing the pain & redness from waxing!

This epilator allows you to instantly  erase your peach fuzz & whisk away whiskers with just the touch of a button! This innovative tool features an integrated light to help you see even the finest hairs, so you can achieve a  fresh, hair-free look.

Its  cordless design ensures that you can use it whenever the need arises! Its gentle, but effective approach to trimming facial hairs enables you to use it every day if you need to, without experiencing negative results towards your skin.

  • Built-in light guarantees you will never miss a hair
  • The small size allows you to easily bring it with you wherever you go
  • The hypoallergenic design makes it suitable for all women
  • Provides perfect & long-lasting smoothness

 Disclaimer: Do not submerge the device in water.

How to use:

  1. Remove cap
  2. Click the button to turn on the device
  3. Place it against your skin, moving it gently & slowly in a circular motion
  4. When done, turn it off & put on cap (clear blade head if needed)