Scalp Detox- Castor Oil- 30ml

A Little Luxury for Your Hair

Your Hair deserves the very best, luxurious care. That’s why we searched the globe for only the purest, organic ingredients to mindfully create the new Magic Oil. This Hair oil features time-tested ingredients like Organic Castor Extract, which Egyptians have used as a natural moisturizer for generations. This unique formula also includes organic horse Hoof Extract, Nettle Extract and chamomile essential oils imported from around the world. Each ingredient has been chosen specifically to rejuvenate Scalp & Hair...


Magic oil is intended to be a multivitamin or “superfood” for your Hair. Every drop of this luxurious oil infuses your hair with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients to bring out your Hair’s natural radiance at every age. We hand-selected ingredients like Oraneg oil and Rosemary Oil to deliver Vitamins D, C, and E directly to your Hair. We also included Organic Jojoba Protein that’s well-known to naturally repair Hair and encourage the growth of new hair cells, so you can enjoy your newest, best Hair. 


Try rubbing just a few drops of the oil Serum into your scalp. You can also massage a few additional drops of castor oil into your hair’s midsection and ends, which will protect against breakage and improve hair texture.