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X5 Car Head Up Display OBD II EOBD Automatic Matching

Note: This Product Only compatible with universal OBD II and EUOBD interface, but incompatible with OBD I or JOBD

Package Included:
1 x Car Head Up Display
1 x Anti-Slip Pad
1 x Reflecting Sticker
1 x Power Cable
1 x User Manual

Item Dimension: Approx. 9x5.4x1.2cm/ 3.54x2.12x0.47''
Work Voltage: 9V~ 16V DC(12V DC/ 400mA)
Alarm of Sound Level: ≥ 60dB
Relative Humidity: 10%~95%
Barometric Press: 86~106KPa
Environment Temperature: -40℃ ~ 80℃
Display: Speed, engine speed, water temperature, battery voltage, low voltage alarm, high temperature alarm, speed alarm, free switching between kilometer and mile, free switching between ℃ and ℉

Actually, OBD II and EOBD first applied to European and North American manufactured automobiles after 2003, and for Asian manufactured cars, they have even appeared later, since 2007
Besides, some cars, like Hummer and Savana, have special interface, may not compatible with this product, and we suggest A1 or Q7

Suggestion Models:
Producing Country / Producing Time / Producing Company
the US / 2004-2016 / for Buick, for Dodge, for Ford, for GM, for Cadillac, for Chrysler
the UK / 2004-2016 / Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Landrover, Rover, for VAUXHALL
Germany / 2004-2016 / for Audi, for BMW, for Porsche, for VW, Mercedes-Benz
Italy / 2004-2016 / for Alta Romeo, for Ferrari, for FIAT, for LANCIA, for Maserati
Sweden / 2004-2016 / for SAAB, for Volvo
Holland / 2004-2014 / for SPYKER
France / 2004-2016 / for Renault S.A., for PEUGEOT, for Citroen
Czech Republic / 2004-2016 / for SKODA
Australia / 2004-2016 / for Horton
Japanese / 2007-2016 / for Honda FUNTEC, for daihatsu, for TOYOTA, for LEXUS, for SUZUKI, for Acura, for NISSAN, for Mitsubishi, for Scion, for Subaru, for Infiniti
South Korea / 2007-2016 / for Hyundai, for KIA, for DAEWOO, for SSANG YONG
India / 2007-2016 / tata